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Cornish Builders was founded in 2012 by Michael Cornish.  He was in the concrete business for 11 years before finally making the leap to go out on his own.  His first child was one year old at the time, and he thought the decision needed to be made to do it now or never.  The initial plan was to start in high-end remodeling and then transition into building high-end custom homes.  While doing the remodels, he started building cabinets out of his garage to supply his own jobs.  He always had a passion for woodworking, but never dreamed he could do it for a living.  He started doing bigger jobs and it became clear he needed to move into a bigger shop.  In 2017, the decision was made to focus solely on custom cabinetry, and Cornish Custom Cabinetry was born.

Michael started with a traditional table saw and a few other basic woodworking machines.  He was slowly able to add more equipment as time went on, and before he knew it, he had a fully stocked cabinet shop capable of doing anything that was thrown his way. He is now using the latest cabinetry design software to supply detailed drawings and 3D renderings.  In 2018, he purchased a CNC router that has revolutionized his shop.  Processes that were once done manually , are now done on the CNC.  The process starts as a concept, drawings are then produced, and then the design is sent to the CNC to fabricate the parts.  The CNC is able to cut parts more accurate and repeatable than any manual process.  Michael realized that in order to produce the best product possible, investing in the best software and machinery was a must.  

Michael feels strongly that his success is based on his relationships and trust he's able to gain with his customers.  Almost all of his work is based on referrals, and he knows that pipeline will be cut off if he doesn't put the customer first and always do what's right.  You can be guaranteed that he will never cut corners or leave a job until the customer is 100% satisfied.  This philosophy has been the foundation of his company, and he will never waiver from these beliefs.  


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