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Inset doors with a beaded face frame

This style of cabinetry will show off the true craftmanship and attention to detail that Cornish Custom Cabinetry is so proud of.  You're design and cuts have to be exact or you will notice imperfections right away.  A lot of cabinet makers will shy away from doing this level of detailed work, Cornish Custom Cabinetry excels in it.  

Inset doors

This method of construction is also very detail oriented.  Precision and attention to details are the keys to making this cabinetry style stand out.  Only the most qualified cabinet maker is able to consistently build to these exact standards, Cornish Custom Cabinetry can.

Overlay Doors

Overlay doors are the most common type of cabinet construction.  This method is a little more forgiving and therefore the cost is less than inset doors.  Cornish Custom Cabinetry is able to produce beautiful cabinetry using this method.  We are able to incorporate built-in end panels and decorative toe kicks that will make these cabinets stand out.  Once they are installed, there will be no doubt that they are custom cabinets.  

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